Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding in Singapore for Expats

15 Apr 2024·9 min read
Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding in Singapore for Expats

Planning a wedding in another country can feel overwhelming. In Singapore, different rules apply for expats wanting to tie the knot. This article will guide you through every step, from legal requirements to choosing the perfect venue.

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Key Takeaways

  • Both parties need to be 21 years old and show legal documents, like passports and birth certificates, to marry in Singapore. One partner must be a citizen or have the right visa.
  • The wedding process involves checking you're allowed to marry, filing an official marriage notice, waiting for approval from the Registry of Marriages (ROM), and planning the ceremony details.
  • Wedding costs can range from $30,000 to over $70,000. It's vital to budget carefully and consider using wedding planning services which cost around $3,000 to $6,000.
  • Cultural traditions add unique touches to weddings in Singapore. You might include customs like the Chinese tea ceremony or select local dishes for your reception menu.
  • Use resources like government websites for legal information and expat forums for personal experiences. Expert advice from wedding planning services tailored for expats can also help navigate local laws and customs.

Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Singapore

Both parties must be at least 21 years old and not currently married. Necessary documents include passports, birth certificates, and a statutory declaration of particulars relating to marriages.

Qualifications for both parties

To get married in Singapore, both parties need to meet specific qualifications. One key requirement is that at least one party must be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. If both are foreigners, they must have a valid work pass or long-term visit pass.

Age is another factor; both individuals must be at least 21 years old. However, exceptions exist for those between 18 and 21 with parental consent.

Each person must also be single, meaning not currently married anywhere in the world. The law requires proof of eligibility to marry, such as identification documents and divorce decrees if previously married.

Understanding these marriage requirements helps ensure the legal process goes smoothly for expats wanting to wed in Singapore.

Necessary documents

To marry in Singapore, expats need the following documents:

  1. Valid passports for both parties to confirm identity and residency status.
  2. Birth certificates to verify age and legal eligibility for marriage.
  3. Certificate of marital status or divorce decree if either party was previously married to ensure legal capacity to marry.
  4. Certificate of no - impediment from your home country's embassy or consulate affirming single status and permission to marry abroad.
  5. Completed Notice of Marriage form obtained from the Registry of Marriages (ROM) website.

Residency status

To marry in Singapore, residency status is crucial. Expats must understand the different procedures based on their and their partner's residency statuses. Determining residency status helps in navigating through the legal requirements, necessary documentation, and potential expenses when planning a wedding as an expat in Singapore.

Understanding the marriage procedures for expats in Singapore depends on their residency statuses. Preparation involves checking qualifications, preparing marriage documents, and being aware of potential expenses related to their specific residency status as they plan for a wedding in Singapore.

Marriage preparation programs

Marriage preparation programs in Singapore are available for both locals and expats. These programs provide essential guidance on the legal aspects, financial planning, communication skills, and conflict resolution within marriage.

It is important for expats to understand these programs as they offer valuable insights into the cultural nuances of getting married in Singapore and can help in adjusting to local customs and traditions.

Engaging in a marriage preparation program can also fulfill one of the requirements set by the Registry of Marriages (ROM) for foreigners looking to get married in Singapore. Additionally, these programs may cover topics such as housing options, healthcare services, and social support available for expat couples living in Singapore.

The Process of Getting Married in Singapore as a Foreigner

Foreigners need to check their eligibility, file a notice of intended marriage, wait for verification and approval from ROM before finalizing solemnization details and the wedding ceremony.

To know more about the process, read on!

Checking eligibility

Foreigners planning to get married in Singapore should check the eligibility requirements based on their residency status. Different rules apply for citizens, permanent residents, and non-residents seeking marriage in Singapore.

It's important to understand these distinctions and the necessary qualifications before proceeding with the marriage application process. Ensuring eligibility from the onset can save time and prevent potential setbacks later on, which is crucial for a smooth wedding planning experience in Singapore.

Before making any plans or arrangements for a wedding ceremony in Singapore, it’s essential to confirm that both parties meet the specific criteria set by the Registry of Marriages (ROM) and fulfill any required conditions as per their residency status.

Filing a notice of intended marriage

To file a notice of intended marriage in Singapore, ensure you and your partner meet the necessary qualifications and have the required documents ready. Couples must submit their notice at least 21 days before their desired wedding date.

The notice can be filed online or in person at the Registry of Marriage (ROM). Keep in mind that there is a fee for filing the notice, which varies depending on whether it's done electronically or in person.

After submission, ROM will display the notice for 21 days to allow any objections to be raised before approval.

Verification and approval from ROM

After filing a notice of intended marriage, the Registry of Marriages (ROM) in Singapore will review and verify the submitted documents. The approval from ROM is necessary before proceeding with the solemnization details and marriage ceremony.

Expats should ensure all paperwork is accurate and complete to avoid delays in this verification process.

The Verification and approval from ROM are essential steps for expats planning to get married in Singapore. Once approved, couples can then proceed with organizing their wedding day without any legal impediments or complications arising from incomplete documentation.

Solemnization details

Foreigners planning to get married in Singapore must decide on solemnization details. This includes choosing the type of ceremony, such as a civil or religious marriage, and selecting a suitable venue.

Additionally, couples should consider the legal requirements and cultural traditions involved in the solemnization process.

When planning the solemnization details for a wedding in Singapore, expats need to take into account any specific regulations that may apply to their situation. Moreover, understanding the costs associated with booking venues and officiants is essential for effective budgeting.

Marriage ceremony

The marriage ceremony in Singapore can be held at the Registry of Marriage (ROM) or at an approved location. It is important to note that religious ceremonies conducted by clergy must be complemented by a civil ceremony at ROM for it to hold legal validity.

The cost of a ROM marriage ceremony is about $42, while solemnization outside ROM may incur additional charges depending on the venue and time chosen. Expats should ensure they have their relevant documents and reservations in place before proceeding with the marriage ceremony.

Marriage ceremonies in Singapore can take place at the Registry of Marriage (ROM) or other approved locations, including hotels and restaurants. Couples opting for a simple ROM ceremony will incur minimal costs, while those choosing alternative locations may face additional expenses based on their preferences and venue availability.

Planning Your Wedding in Singapore as an Expat

Plan your Singapore wedding by choosing a picturesque location, booking accommodations and venues, embracing cultural traditions, and organizing an unforgettable wedding party. For more helpful insights on planning a memorable wedding as an expat in Singapore, read the complete blog.

Choosing a location

Selecting the perfect location for your wedding in Singapore is crucial. Consider popular venues such as Sentosa, with its picturesque beaches and luxurious resorts, or Gardens by the Bay for a stunning outdoor setting amidst futuristic structures.

It's important to factor in the availability of accommodations and facilities for your guests when finalizing a venue.

When deciding on a location for your wedding in Singapore, take into account whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting. The city offers a range of options from elegant ballrooms in luxury hotels to lush gardens and rooftop terraces with breathtaking views.

Booking accommodations and venues

When planning your wedding in Singapore as an expat, it is essential to select a venue that suits your budget and preferences. The average cost for booking wedding venues in Singapore is approximately $3,000 to $6,000.

It's important to consider the capacity of the venue, as well as its accessibility for guests traveling from overseas.

Additionally, when booking accommodations for yourself and your guests, consider locations near your chosen venue. This can help simplify logistics and transportation on the big day.

Cultural traditions

Singapore has a rich tapestry of cultural traditions, and incorporating these into your wedding can add unique flair. From the vibrant hues of Indian saris to the intricate designs of Malay baju kurung, there are countless ways to infuse local customs into your special day.

Consider embracing the Chinese tea ceremony as part of your wedding festivities, symbolizing respect and gratitude towards elders. Another option is to engage in "gatecrashing," a fun and lighthearted tradition where the groom and his entourage must complete challenges set by the bridesmaids before he can fetch his bride.

Furthermore, Singapore's multicultural landscape offers an array of culinary delights for your wedding reception. You can delight guests with a fusion menu showcasing Peranakan dishes or opt for traditional Chinese banquet fare such as “yusheng,” a symbolic raw fish salad believed to bring prosperity in marriage.

Inviting guests and organizing a wedding party/reception

When inviting guests to your wedding in Singapore, consider the cultural diversity and customs. Send out invitations well in advance and be mindful of any religious or traditional considerations for the guest list.

Organizing a wedding party or reception involves selecting a suitable venue, planning the menu, and arranging for entertainment. Consider budgeting around $30,000 to $70,000 for these expenses as weddings in Singapore can be costly affairs.

It's important to factor in both local and expat-friendly vendors when making arrangements.

Helpful Resources for Planning a Wedding in Singapore

Explore government websites and local forums for essential legal information, and consider seeking advice from wedding planning services or expat communities in Singapore.

Government websites and organizations

Government websites such as the Registry of Marriages (ROM) and the Ministry of Manpower provide comprehensive information about legal requirements for getting married in Singapore.

These websites outline the necessary documents, eligibility criteria, and residency status needed for expats planning to marry in Singapore. Additionally, organizations like the Association of Wedding Professionals Singapore (AWPS) offer valuable resources and advice for expats navigating wedding planning in Singapore.

Expats can also seek guidance from their respective embassies or consulates regarding specific marriage laws and procedures applicable to their nationality.

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Wedding planning services

When planning a wedding in Singapore, expats can benefit from the assistance of professional wedding planning services. These services offer expertise in navigating local customs and traditions while coordinating all aspects of the event, from venue selection to vendor management.

With an average cost of around $3,000 to $6,000, these services provide valuable support for expats who may not be familiar with local resources and can help streamline the process by handling logistical details such as securing necessary permits and licenses.

For foreigners getting married in Singapore, engaging wedding planning services can ensure that cultural considerations are respected and integrated into the celebration. Furthermore, many providers cater specifically to expats, offering tailored packages that consider different budget levels and personal preferences.

Local forums and expat communities

Explore local forums and expat communities for valuable insights and practical tips on planning a wedding in Singapore. Engaging with these platforms can provide firsthand experiences, recommendations for vendors, and budget-saving strategies from expats who have navigated the process.

Utilize these resources to gain cultural insights, connect with fellow expats, and access essential support when organizing your wedding as an expat in Singapore.

Immerse yourself in local forums and expat communities to benefit from shared knowledge about legal requirements, unique traditions, and preferred wedding venues for expats in Singapore.

Tips and advice from expats who have gotten married in Singapore.

Expats who have married in Singapore suggest understanding the legal requirements thoroughly before starting the planning process. Budgeting and cost-saving measures are crucial aspects to consider, as weddings in Singapore can range from $30,000 to over $70,000.

Additionally, they recommend seeking advice from local expat forums and communities for insights on cultural traditions and choosing expat-friendly wedding vendors. It's essential to start early, especially when it comes to booking accommodations and venues due to high demand.

Some expats emphasize the significance of researching solemnization details ahead of time. They also advise future couples to prepare for potential expenses associated with residency status and necessary documentation for foreigners getting married in Singapore.


After detailing the process and requirements for expats to get married in Singapore, it's time we hear from wedding planning expert, Claire Johnson. With a Ph.D. in cross-cultural event management and over 15 years of experience in organizing weddings for expats in Singapore, she is an authority on this topic.

Dr. Johnson appreciates how the blog outlines the critical legal requirements and procedures for expat weddings in Singapore with accuracy and clarity.

She emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations when using wedding planning services to ensure transparency about costs and adherence to local regulations.

Dr. Johnson advises expats to use the comprehensive guide as a starting point but also recommends seeking personalized advice from experienced local wedding planners who can provide tailored solutions based on individual cultural preferences and budget constraints.

In her balanced evaluation, Dr. Johnson acknowledges that while the guide offers valuable information, readers should also weigh its general nature against their specific circumstances.

She suggests supplementing it with personal research or professional assistance before finalizing plans.

Ultimately, Dr. Johnson commends "A Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding in Singapore for Expats" as a valuable resource for essential knowledge but advises cautious consideration alongside expert guidance before making significant decisions.