Exclusive Wedding Venues Abroad for Unforgettable Celebrations

15 Jun 2024·0 min read

Our team at Easy Wedding ( wants to make your day special. We include locals and expats who are experts in giving you unforgettable experiences. We aim to make every moment from your arrival to your goodbye unique. More couples are picking destination weddings for their 2024 and 2025 nuptials. They’re looking for places that aren’t just beautiful but will also be a memorable experience for their guests.

Key Takeaways

  • Couples are increasingly opting for destination weddings in 2024 and 2025.
  • Italy is a top European destination for exclusive wedding venues with scenic beauty and historical charm.
  • The Bodrum EDITION in Turkey caters to various wedding styles, from beachfront ceremonies to grand ballroom celebrations.
  • The Son Bunyola estate in Mallorca, owned by Richard Branson, has quickly become a highly sought-after wedding venue since its opening.
  • Estelle Manor in Oxfordshire offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern luxury for weddings.

The Rise of Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming more popular, with the industry growing fast. In 2023, it hit over $28 billion. It’s expected to go past $78 billion by 2027. Now, many couples choose to wed in unique places around the world. This includes exotic locations and top-notch services.

Kelly McWilliams, a leading event planner, says there was a 30% boost in couples choosing destination weddings in 2022. The appeal of these weddings is in the thrill of exotic sites, plus the luxury and one-of-a-kind experiences they offer.

Choosing the Ideal European Spot

Choosing the best place in Europe for your wedding might seem tough. There are so many beautiful spots. But, our experts are here to help. They’ve picked the best European wedding spots for 2024.

These include the lovely landscapes of Tuscany and the sunny shores of Mallorca. Also, spots like Montenegro and Lisbon, known for their historic charm and lively atmosphere. Whatever your dream wedding looks like, we can help you find the perfect spot.

Curated List of Unique Venues

Our selected venues offer a special mix of love, beauty, history, and privacy. They make your wedding stand out. You can choose from an intimate setting in a garden, a big party in a ballroom, or a simple beach ceremony. Our team can turn your fantasy wedding into a real event. These places and our planning know-how help you make your dream wedding a reality.

Unforgettable Wedding Weekend Experiences

Destination weddings now last longer than the classic three-to-four-day events. This trend is growing, and Europe is a favorite spot for these extended celebrations. Here, you can have a whole week of fun or a smaller, but still amazing, event.

Our hand-picked venues will provide a memorable experience for you and your guests. It’s an experience that everyone will remember forever.

Italian Riviera: Hotel Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole

In the heart of Tuscany, there’s a peaceful hideaway with stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is where you’ll find Hotel Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole, Italy. It’s full of classic Italian beauty, with sunlit terraces and cozy, elegant rooms. It’s the perfect place for a destination wedding that’s all about luxury and charm. The gardens and private beach at the hotel add a touch of romance, making it perfect for small wedding ceremonies or chic beach parties.

Timeless Italian Charm

This spot has 50 rooms, a restaurant with two Michelin stars, and is famous for hosting fancy American destination weddings. Hotel Il Pellicano is a top choice for couples looking for an exclusive wedding venue abroad. It’s where you can truly feel the magic of the Italian Riviera.

Michelin-Starred Culinary Journey

Prepare to be wowed by the Michelin-starred meals at the hotel. They offer an amazing luxury wedding location with great service, perfect for a truly memorable day.

Sicilian Beauty: Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, Taormina

The Four Seasons San Domenico Palace sits overlooking the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. It also looks out to Taormina’s Ancient Theatre. This historic building is full of beauty, from its gardens to its architecture. It’s a perfect place to say your vows, with its own Chiesa Ballroom and altar. Then you can celebrate on a terrace with a sea view or in a beautiful courtyard. The Four Seasons makes sure everyone has an amazing time with their top-notch service.

Venue Capacity Key Features
Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, Taormina N/A
  • Overlooks the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna
  • Historic property with panoramic views and well-manicured gardens
  • Chiesa Ballroom with its own altar for wedding ceremonies
  • Sea-view terrace and courtyard for receptions
  • World-class hotel amenities for an indulgent experience

The Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in Taormina, Sicily, stands out. It offers scenic views of the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna. With its historic charm and beautiful gardens, it’s the perfect setting for a wedding. Couples can choose from several spots for their ceremony. This makes it an ideal wedding venue abroad for those wanting luxury and romance.

Monastic Elegance: Belmond San Michele, Florence

Picture saying “I do” on a Florence hilltop with an amazing view at Belmond San Michele. This former 15th century monastery, now a hotel, is perfect for a fairytale wedding. It’s got beautiful renaissance art on its walls and gardens that are just magical, perfect for a wedding.

Renaissance Art-Adorned Façade

Belmond San Michele shines with its renaissance art and lush gardens, making it a dreamy spot for a wedding. The place was once a monastery, and its old-world charm mixes with elegant details for a wedding that oozes romantic vibes.

Unique Culinary Experiences

Belmond San Michele isn’t just about the stunning look. It also offers cool stuff like a cooking school perfect for before the big day, and a private chapel for saying your vows. Here, couples and their friends can enjoy amazing food and make memories that last a lifetime at the hotel’s top-notch restaurants.

Turkish Delight: The Bodrum EDITION

The Bodrum EDITION is a stunning spot in Turkey, right on the bright blue Mediterranean. Here, you can have the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Picture saying ‘I do’ with the sun setting over the sea, surrounded by loved ones. Or dancing the night away under the stars. BODRUM EDITION makes every wedding special, no matter how you imagine it.

Modern Elegance Meets Vibrant Spirit

This place mixes modern style with the heart and soul of Bodrum. You’ll love the Turkish Hammam, a spa where you can relax like the locals do. Sitting by the sea in your own private cabana is also waiting for you. Plus, being close to Yalıkavak Marina means shopping, eating, and exploring history are all easy to do. Bodrum’s vibrant Turkish Riviera is your playground!

Proximity to Yalıkavak Marina

Being near Yalıkavak Marina, everything’s close by at The Bodrum EDITION. You and your guests can shop at the open-air mall, try gourmet foods, or enjoy a drink at a cozy cafe. This destination wedding location is perfect for a fun, memorable time.

Mallorcan Paradise: Son Bunyola

Located on the beautiful northwest coast of Mallorca, Son Bunyola is a 26-room hotel with lots of charm. It’s owned by Richard Branson, who comes from the local town of Deià. This special place has been transformed over 20 years into the perfect getaway. It’s on a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a long history dating back to the 13th century. You can even find evidence of people living there during the Bronze Age. Since opening in June, it’s become a top pick for exclusive weddings.

Rich History, Mediterranean Elegance

Son Bunyola offers everything for a perfect wedding – history, beauty, and elegant Mediterranean style. It has 26 rooms and can host 52 guests, making it great for small and private weddings. The 1,300-acre property provides beautiful settings, perfect for a romantic wedding or for those looking for secluded spots. It’s a great choice for a unique wedding experience.

Statistic Value
Percentage of engaged couples choosing destination weddings in 2024 and 2025 N/A
Number of rooms in Son Bunyola hotel in Mallorca 26
Size of Son Bunyola estate in acres 1,300
Year that Son Bunyola was opened for weddings 2023

British Countryside Charm: Estelle Manor, Oxfordshire

Estelle Manor sits in a gorgeous 60-acre estate in Oxfordshire. It is hugged by 3,000 acres of stunning parkland and gardens. Here, you can marry under ancient oak trees or amid wildflower meadows.

Rustic Charm, Modern Luxury

This lovely estate is filled with carefully renewed historic buildings. Estelle Manor boasts four eateries, a unique Roman-style bathhouse, and more. There are 108 guest rooms and fun spots for both adults and kids.

Enchanting Garden Settings

You can choose a cozy garden ceremony or a larger event in the manor. Estelle Manor captures the beauty of the English countryside and its warm hospitality. It’s the perfect choice for any wedding.

Portuguese Romance: Palácio do Correio-Mor, Lisbon

Just 15 minutes from Lisbon, Palácio do Correio-Mor is a dreamy wedding spot. It blends Portugal’s traditional beauty, like its special tiles, with a beautiful pastel-pink building. It has charming balconies and terraces that give a great first look to you and your guests.

Storybook Wedding Venue

The palace has many elegant rooms that hold up to 400 guests for weddings and parties. Its vast gardens are perfect for outdoor events, with fountains and statues that add to the romantic vibe.

Historic Elegance, Reasonable Costs

This palace offers the historic and romantic European feel without breaking the bank. It’s a unique and memorable spot for a wedding.

exclusive wedding venues abroad

Adriatic Exclusivity: Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Aman Sveti Stefan is at the heart of Montenegro’s beautiful coast, near its capital, Podgorica. It’s well-known for its castle on an island. This spot used to be popular with pirates and now offers stunning views of the Adriatic sea and pine trees. It can host up to 300 people on its terraces and lawns.

Iconic Island Setting

At Aman Sveti Stefan, you can enjoy your time indoors or outside. This place is perfect for long celebrations with fun personalized activities. It has 59 rooms that can hold up to 130 guests. You can even book the entire resort for yourself during July and August.

Personalized Multi-Day Celebrations

The team at Aman Sveti Stefan speaks many languages to welcome all their guests. Staying at this haven can cost up to $6,000 for a week in the peak season. In the summer of 2019, many popular people visited and posted online about it. They shared more than 5,000 posts about their experience on Instagram.

Resort Details Value
Guest Capacity Up to 300 guests
Room Count 59 rooms
Max Guests for Multi-Day Celebrations 130 guests
Full Resort Buyout Availability July – August
Nightly Rate (High Season) $850+
7-Night Stay Cost (High Season) $5,950+

Aside from the location, Aman Sveti Stefan has seen big events like an art show with Picasso’s work in July 2019. The resort has top-notch rooms like the Queen Marija suites and the Villa Milocer. The villa boasts both history and modern comfort.

Sveti Stefan island started as a village in the 15th century and now only welcomes the resort’s guests. The spa is spacious, spanning 5,200 square feet. It comes with a gym, Pilates and yoga rooms, two pools, and places for hydrotherapy. Islet Beach here is highly praised and partly available for everyone.

exclusive wedding venues abroad

Dreaming of a wedding on the beach, in a historic castle, or among nature’s wonders? Couples now have many choices for destination weddings. These wedding types have grown popular, letting couples marry in beautiful places with loved ones. From tropical beaches to old castles, the variety of destination wedding venues is vast. Let’s explore some of the most stunning locations in the world for unforgettable destination weddings. Each place has its unique charm.

Luxury Wedding Venue Location Reviews
Grand Hotel Royal Sorrento & Naples 2162
Olympic Lagoon Resort Ayia Napa 4156
Creta Palace Crete 1237
Amavi Hotel Paphos 931

The Wedding Travel Company shines on Trustpilot, known for its luxury wedding venues in America, Europe, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Explore beachfront resorts in St. Lucia and Jamaica or city venues like The Bellagio in Las Vegas. There are many places for your exclusive wedding. Luxury weddings in the Caribbean can be affordable. Ceremonies are often part of all-inclusive packages.

If you want something intimate and away from it all, places like Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro offer luxury on a coastal island. Or consider Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany for unique rooms surrounded by nature and history. These special places are perfect for both elegant, traditional and modern, simple weddings. The top exclusive wedding venues abroad will make your day unforgettable.

Private Islands and Exclusive Estates

Thinking about a wedding destination? Private islands and grand estates offer a top-notch experience. They give unmatched privacy and beauty. Imagine getting married with crystal-clear waters around you in Tanzania or against Sicily’s volcanic scenery. Your wedding will be exceptional in these world-famous locations.

Lupita Island, Tanzania

Lupita Island is a private getaway in Tanzania on Lake Tanganyika. It’s perfect for a wedding, with privacy like no other. Here, you’ll find ten villas, each with a private pool. It’s an intimate spot for up to 20 of your closest people.

Castello di San Marco, Sicily

Castello di San Marco is a historic castle in Sicily, overlooking the sea. It was built in 1689 and offers amazing views of volcanoes. This venue is great for all wedding sizes, from 10 to 450 guests. It’s perfect for both cozy and big celebrations.

Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rose Hall in Jamaica is a special place for weddings. This Caribbean estate has a lot of ceremony spots. You can marry in the Great House or by the sea, with the estate’s private beaches as your backdrop.

Romantic Hideaways

Do you dream of a romantic wedding at a serene oceanfront resort or an elegant historic villa? Destination wedding venues offer just that and more. They provide the perfect setting for couples to exchange vows in a romantic and intimate environment. These places focus on creating a unique celebration that surrounds everyone with the beauty and charm of the chosen location.

Karma Kandara, Bali

Karma Kandara in Bali is a breathtaking oceanfront resort. It’s perfect for weddings with endless exclusive wedding venues abroad. Picture yourself saying “I do” with a stunning view of the sea from a clifftop, on the soft sands, or even above an infinity pool. This exotic wedding setting is a top choice for those looking for a romantic getaway for weddings.

Villa Camilla, Lake Como

Villa Camilla sits on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como. This elegant 19th-century villa is a top pick for luxury wedding locations. It makes for a stunning international wedding venues setting, ensuring an experience everyone will remember.

Ashford Lodge, County Mayo, Ireland

In County Mayo, Ireland, Ashford Lodge is a gem. It’s located within the 350-acre grounds of Ashford Castle, offering secluded wedding spots and complete privacy. This upscale wedding resort ensures an unforgettable celebration with its range of romantic activities in the Irish countryside.

romantic getaways for weddings

Nature’s Wonders and Adventure

Destination weddings in beautiful natural places give a special, unforgettable experience. Couples can say their vows on a mountain top, next to a waterfall, or in a quiet forest. These outdoor places bring a magical and romantic feeling that indoor locations can’t match.

Outdoor Venues with Stunning Backdrops

National parks, gardens, and overlooks are perfect for ceremonies. They add excitement with chances to hike, see animals, or look at the stars. Places like the Amalfi Coast in Italy or the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland provide an amazing background for a special wedding.

National Parks and Scenic Overlooks

In places like the South Tyrol in Italy, Bavarian mountains in Germany, or Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, couples find stunning views for their wedding. These places are great for those who want an adventurous wedding. For a more private setting, Ireland’s Lake estates, Lake Como in Italy, and Florence provide quiet spots by the water for a calm, romantic day.

All-Inclusive Packages and Amenities

Destination wedding venues are both beautiful and full of history. They let couples have a wedding and vacation combined. Many places offer all-inclusive wedding packages. These include where to stay, what to eat, and fun things to do. This makes it easy to plan a wedding without stress.

Seamless Wedding Planning

All-inclusive options make destination weddings easier to plan. Couples can focus on the special day’s key parts. The resort takes care of finding local helpers and guests’ rooms. This ensures everyone has a great time with no worries.

Variety of Activities for Guests

Friends and family can enjoy many activities at a destination wedding. They can relax at a spa, play golf, go snorkeling, or explore the area. With lots to do, the couple and their guests will remember the wedding fondly. They can dive deep into the wedding’s international and exotic locations.

Resort Rooms Restaurants/Bars Wedding Venues Wedding Package Pricing
Live Aqua Cancun 371 7 restaurants, 5 bars and lounges 11 wedding venues The Abrazo Package priced at $7,699 USD with $110 USD per extra person
Sandos Cancun 213 5 restaurants, 2 bars 5 beautiful wedding locations The Seaside Bliss wedding package priced at $5,750 USD with $89 USD per extra person
Hard Rock Cancun 598 6 restaurants, 5 bars 8 wedding venues with a capacity for up to 800 guests Wedding package priced at $5,000 USD with $70 USD per extra person
Iberostar Selection Cancun 426 6 restaurants, 7 bars 5 wedding venues Wedding packages ranging from $6,762 USD, with extra fees for additional guests during various wedding events
Dreams Natura 553 rooms and suites 9 restaurants, 6 bars Capacity for weddings of up to 200 guests Wedding package starting at $7,500 USD for 50 to 79 guests, with $175 USD per extra person for the cocktail hour
Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen Statistical data unavailable Over 1000 destination weddings of experience according to certified wedding specialists Variety of wedding venues accommodating different guest numbers Ranging from $3,399 for 25 guests to $7,524 for 80 guests across 5 all-inclusive packages

These upscale wedding resorts and intimate wedding destinations make planning easy. They provide many activities for the couple and their guests. This ensures a happy and stress-free time.


Destination wedding venues let couples tie the knot in amazing places worldwide. This creates memories that last forever. You can choose from a beachfront resort, a historic castle, or a natural wonder. The options for destination weddings are endless and fit every couple’s style.

This includes exclusive wedding venues abroad like those in the Italian Riviera and on the Sicilian coast. Plus, romantic getaways for weddings can be found in Greece and Spain. Couples have many luxury wedding locations to pick from. These international wedding venues cover exotic settings that meet various tastes, like an intimate wedding destination or a secluded wedding spot for a honeymoon package.

More and more, couples are looking into upscale wedding resorts and destination weddings. This makes the world’s most exclusive wedding venues abroad a favorite. They offer unforgettable celebrations that truly show love and adventure.


What are some of the top European destination wedding venues featured in this article?

The top European destinations include Hotel Il Pellicano in Porto Ercole, Italy. Also, Four Seasons San Domenico Palace in Sicily. Belmond San Michele in Florence ranks high. Then, The Bodrum EDITION in Turkey, Son Bunyola in Mallorca, and Estelle Manor in England. Lastly, it features Palácio do Correio-Mor in Lisbon, Portugal.

What makes these venues unique or special for destination weddings?

They each have special qualities. Some have timeless Italian charm. Others feature Michelin-starred dishes. There are options with beautiful sea views and artful architecture. Modern places with a local vibe are also available. Plus, venues with rich history and Mediterranean flair, as well as rustic places with luxury touches. Historic sites at fair prices are also part of the mix.

What other types of exclusive or private wedding venues are mentioned in the article?

The article also talks about private islands and historic castles. It mentions exclusive estates like Lupita Island in Tanzania and Castello di San Marco in Sicily. Rose Hall in Jamaica and Villa Camilla on Lake Como are also featured. Plus, Ashford Lodge in Ireland has its mention.

What are the benefits of choosing a destination wedding venue?

Destination venues let couples marry in stunning global spots, leaving lasting memories. They make planning easy with all-inclusive deals. These deals cover stays, meals, and fun activities. Also, they turn the wedding into a memorable group vacation.

What types of outdoor and natural settings are mentioned for destination weddings?

The article talks about outdoor spots with great natural views. These include mountain tops, waterfalls, forest clearings, and scenic views. Outdoor weddings offer a special mix of adventure and romance, missing in indoor venues.

What additional amenities and activities do destination wedding venues typically offer?

Such places often come with a range of fun and relaxing things to do. Think spa days, golf sessions, and underwater adventures. There are also cultural tours and unique food experiences. All this adds up to a full and fun wedding event.