Getting Married Abroad Cheap: Affordable Destination Weddings

17 Jun 2024·12 min read

Easy Wedding ( helps couples have amazing weddings abroad without spending a lot. Our local and expat team works to create your perfect day. We focus on making affordable destination wedding packages and finding budget-friendly overseas wedding venues. This allows you to tie the knot internationally without breaking the bank.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore cost-effective foreign marriage ceremonies and inexpensive global wedding packages
  • Discover budget-friendly overseas nuptials and reasonably priced overseas wedding destinations
  • Learn about economical cross-border matrimony and thrifty international wedding options
  • Plan your getting married abroad cheap and destination weddings on a budget
  • Find affordable international wedding venues to make your dreams a reality

Why Consider a Destination Wedding?

Planning a wedding is exciting. Many couples consider having a destination wedding. This type of wedding offers many benefits. These include cost savings and unique and memorable experiences. Destination weddings stand out compared to traditional ones.

Cost Savings

A destination wedding can be cheaper. Couples save money by opting for an all-inclusive package or group rates. They can cut their expenses by 30-50% this way. Since there are usually fewer guests, costs per person are also lower.

Unique and Memorable Experience

A destination wedding provides a special experience for both the couple and their guests. Getting married at a breathtaking location adds a sense of wonder and thrill. It feels more intimate and personal with only a few loved ones around.

Combine Wedding and Honeymoon

Another benefit of destination weddings is combining the wedding and honeymoon. After saying their vows, couples can enjoy a romantic getaway at the same place. They can even find special deals to make the experience unforgettable.

Mexico: The Budget-Friendly Destination

Mexico is perfect for weddings abroad that won’t break the bank. It has many affordable resorts in spots like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and more. Couples can find all-inclusive wedding packages starting at $999, making dream weddings possible even on a budget.


In Cancun, weddings average $5,500, a lot less than the U.S. cost of $28,000. Here, wedding packages can vary from $500 to $12,000, depending on guests. For 30 guests, you might pay $4,300, with $70 more for each extra guest.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen has wedding packages from $1,000 to $10,000, great for all-inclusive deals. In Riviera Maya, weddings can be free to $12,000, with free packages too. It’s a mix of cost-saving and luxury for weddings.

Cabo San Lucas

In Cabo, wedding costs go from $5,000 to $50,000, mostly for more luxurious events. One resort charges $7,500 for 50-79 guests, $11,999 for 80-100 guests. Extra guests cost more.


Weddings in Tulum are quite affordable too, from $2,000 to $8,000. A special resort there offers a package for 20 guests at $2,400. Extras are $45 each.

Mexico shines as a top choice for low-cost destination weddings. It shows that beautiful weddings don’t have to be super expensive. Instead, Mexico offers a balance of savings and memorable experiences.

Caribbean and South American Gems

Besides Mexico, the Caribbean and South America hold many affordable destination wedding locations. Places like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Costa Rica are famous for their stunning beaches and budget-friendly packages. You can have your dream wedding in a tropical paradise without high costs. Plus, staying at resorts for a minimum period might get you a free wedding. This makes planning a destination wedding on a budget much easier.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic stands out as a favorite affordable destination wedding location in the Caribbean. They offer budget-friendly, all-inclusive packages from $1,000 to $10,000. These deals cover the ceremony, reception, and more, making it a smart choice for a tropical wedding.


Jamaica is a top choice for a inexpensive wedding venue in the Caribbean. With packages starting at $5,000, couples can say “I do” surrounded by beautiful beaches and rich culture. This option lets you save money while still having your dream wedding.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is perfect for those seeking a budget-friendly South American wedding destination. It provides various options, from low-cost Central American spots to cost-effective Caribbean and South American choices. This eco-friendly country offers a beautiful natural backdrop for your big day, and it’s friendly on your wallet.

getting married abroad cheap

For couples wanting to get married abroad on a budget, there are many choices available. These choices can help turn their dream destination wedding into reality. Selecting the perfect affordable international wedding locations, opting for all-inclusive resort deals, and picking the right time of year to travel can save you a lot of money. Right planning can turn getting married abroad into a cost-effective and memorable event.

ResortNumber of RoomsWedding Package Cost
Live Aqua Cancun371
Sandos Cancun213
Hard Rock Cancun598
Iberostar Selection Cancun426
Dreams Natura553 rooms and suites$7,500 for 50-79 guests
Secrets Moxche Playa del CarmenIncludes welcome cocktail party, rehearsal dinner, symbolic ceremony, private wedding reception, desert station, and wedding cake

It’s important to research and understand your options for low-cost overseas nuptials to save money. This includes knowing the best affordable international wedding locations and how to use cost-saving strategies. With the right help and close attention to detail, getting married abroad is a smart and economical choice.

getting married abroad cheap

Tips for Planning an Affordable Destination Wedding

Planning a budget-friendly destination wedding involves some key strategies. Choosing an all-inclusive resort is one smart move. It bundles the ceremony, reception, and stay into a package. This can offer big savings. Also, try to travel off-peak. This means choosing times when fewer folks are traveling. You’ll save money on the wedding and your trip.

To lower costs, try getting a group deal for your guests. Having the wedding on a weekday is also less expensive. These steps can help make your dream wedding abroad more affordable without cutting quality.

Choose an All-Inclusive Resort

Picking an all-inclusive resort makes organizing your wedding easier. These places offer packages that cover everything. You get the ceremony, food, rooms, and more in one deal.

Travel During Off-Peak Season

When you travel off-peak, you’ll find better deals. This includes the times between the busy seasons. Not only are flights and rooms cheaper, but so are the services you need for your wedding. This can save you a lot of money.

Negotiate Group Rates

You can save money by getting group rates for guests. Many places give discounts when you book for a big group. Work with your wedding planner or travel agent to get the best deals for your guests.

Consider a Weekday Wedding

A weekday wedding can be much cheaper than a weekend one. This is because places and vendors often lower their prices during the week. Fitting your wedding into a weekday can be a great way to save.

Legal Requirements and Paperwork

Planning a destination wedding means knowing the legal requirements and paperwork needed. This involves getting a marriage license and making sure documents are legalized. It also means following the local laws and regulations. Easy Wedding is here to help. We’ll make sure you have all the right documentation and legal considerations sorted for your wedding.

DestinationLegal Requirements
United KingdomCouples must ‘give notice’ at least 29 days before setting their final venue. Only non-religious ceremonies are recognized in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
SwitzerlandThis country doesn’t allow non-citizens to marry legally. Same-sex marriages are also not permitted.
GreeceTo marry here, you’ll need a valid passport and a birth certificate with an Apostille stamp. Plus, proof that you’re free to marry, an affidavit of marriage, and a public notice in a local newspaper.
CanadaIf you’re planning to elope in Canada, get your marriage license there. It’s good for 90 days after issued.
NorwayYou don’t need to be a citizen to get married in Norway. But, you must have a valid reason to be there, like a residence permit or a visitor’s visa.

Every location has its unique administrative tasks and legal considerations for weddings. Be ready to handle the bureaucratic side and ensure your marriage is legal.

Budgeting and Cost Breakdown

Planning a destination wedding means looking carefully at the budget. Many things can affect the cost. This includes where the wedding is, where everyone stays, travel, dresses, and keeping memories with photos and videos.

Venue and Accommodation

Looking at places to get married and where guests will stay is key. Places that offer everything together can save money. It’s important to compare prices depending on where and when you want to get married.

Travel Expenses

Don’t forget about getting there and moving around. Flight prices change based on where and when you fly and how many are going. You also need to think about how to get around once there.

Wedding Attire and Accessories

What the wedding party wears can also change the cost. The type and style of clothes, shoes, and accessories for everyone matters. It’s good to check out local options and think about shipping or changes needed for clothes bought abroad.

Photography and Videography

Pictures and videos are important to remember your special day. You need to find photographers and videographers you like that fit your budget.

Knowing about these expenses and setting a budget helps make your dream wedding more manageable.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Planning a destination wedding means picking from many venue options, each with its special charm. You can say your vows by beautiful waters and under palm trees, or in a lively outdoor garden. These destination wedding venue options the world over let couples celebrate love in an incredible place.

Beach Weddings

Beach weddings make for a stunning backdrop. The ocean’s calm and the soft breeze are perfect for an unforgettable celebration. Couples can get married with their feet in the sand, surrounded by natural beauty.

Outdoor Garden Ceremonies

If you love lush settings, outdoor garden ceremonies are ideal. Among bright flowers and the sounds of nature, these best wedding venue choices for a foreign celebration offer a quiet, intimate place for vows.

Historic Venues

If you like timeless elegance, historic venues like castles are great choices. They bring a grand, historical feel to the celebration. It lets couples dive into the deep culture of the place.

Thinking about the factors to consider when selecting a destination wedding site, including style and practical needs, helps find the perfect spot.

Cultural Considerations and Traditions

Having a destination wedding is a great chance to add cultural elements. It lets couples mix in local traditions and honor abroad customs. They can do this through what they wear, eat, and the ceremonies they have. This way, the wedding feels more real and unique. It also lets everyone there dive into the place’s lively culture. By carefully blending in these cultural parts, the wedding will be memorable and special.

Couples need to really get cultural customs for their wedding abroad. They might use local music, dances, or special rituals to show cultural diversity. This makes their celebration stand out. It’s not just about the couple but also about the guests feeling the heart of the place.

Cultural ElementIncorporation into Destination Wedding
Traditional AttireBride and groom wearing local or regional wedding attire, such as a sari or kimono
Customary RitualsIncorporating cultural ceremonies, like a tea ceremony or jumping the broom, into the wedding program
Culinary TraditionsFeaturing authentic local cuisine and dishes as part of the wedding menu
Music and DanceHiring local musicians and dancers to perform during the ceremony or reception
Symbolic DecorationsIncorporating cultural motifs, colors, and materials into the wedding decor and design

By respecting local traditions at their destination wedding, couples show their love and the place’s beauty. This careful way of doing things makes the wedding great for everyone. It lets guests really feel a part of the place and the celebration. This way, the wedding is not just special for the couple. It’s also a unique experience for everyone there.

Cultural considerations for destination wedding

Involving Your Guests

When you’re planning a destination wedding, think about how to keep your guests engaged. Host Welcome parties like cocktail nights or beach bonfires. They can help everyone relax and mix.

Group activities, like tours or exciting excursions, make great memories for everyone. They’re perfect for spending fun times together and creating stories. Don’t forget special favors and gifts, maybe local items or personalized tokens. These can be cherished as keepsakes, reminding guests of your overseas celebration.

Welcome Parties

To kick off your destination wedding, welcome parties are key. They give guests a taste of local culture and let them meet. Consider a cocktail reception or beachside bonfire for fun and mingling.

They can enjoy local food and drinks. It brings the unique feel of your foreign wedding destination to life.

Group Activities

Build a strong bond between your guests with group activities. Arrange events like cultural tours or adventure excursions. Maybe even cooking classes so they can learn about local customs and flavors.

Shared experiences make your destination wedding unforgettable. It’s a chance for guests to connect while having fun with new activities.

Favors and Gifts

Personalized favors and gifts are a great way to thank your guests. They keep the memory of your destination wedding alive. Think of unique local, artisanal products or custom items. These meaningful gifts show your gratitude and help guests remember your overseas celebration.

Destination Wedding Etiquette

Hosting a destination wedding has specific etiquette for a smooth experience. It’s vital to share travel and stay details clearly. This helps with guest participation and financial commitments.

Guests should RSVP early and respect any cultural norms or traditions. This all makes the event both memorable and joyful for everyone involved.

Regarding expenses and gratitude, it’s crucial to be clear and thankful. Couples can show appreication with welcome bags or special thank-you events. At a destination wedding, remember, guests usually pay for their flights. But, couples often handle costs at the location.

Planning a cross-border celebration requires extra thought. Think about time differences, vendor availability, and legal requirements. Understanding cultural differences, legal complexities, and varying cost structures is key too. By navigating this with grace, everyone can enjoy a great destination wedding experience.

Honeymoon Planning

A destination wedding offers the chance to merge the wedding and honeymoon into one. After the big day, newlyweds can choose to stay longer. This allows them to immerse in local culture and extend their celebration.

Explore the Destination

After the wedding, couples can find hidden gems and join fun activities. They can also just relax and enjoy their newfound status as newlyweds. Planning a destination wedding honeymoon is a unique and memorable experience. Easy Wedding’s team can help create a perfect itinerary. This ensures a smooth transition from the wedding to married life.

Romantic Excursions

For a unique honeymoon, consider romantic excursions. Couples can enjoy private sunset cruises, soothing massages, or romantic dinners in beautiful spots. These experiences make the wedding and honeymoon blend perfectly, marking an unforgettable celebration of their union.


Getting married abroad can save money and be very special. Couples wanting something different can do so without spending too much. They should pick affordable places, use package deals, and plan well. Weddings by the beach, in gardens, or historic spots make beautiful memories for all.

Guidance and careful planning can turn an overseas wedding dream into reality. This marks the end of our guide on cheap weddings abroad. By being smart with choices, couples can have a wedding that’s both unique and kind to the wallet. This frees them to truly enjoy their day.

A destination wedding is more than just a marriage. It’s a start to married life in an amazing place. Good planning lets couples and guests enjoy this unique experience fully. It also represents their style and dreams.


What makes a destination wedding a cost-effective option?

Destination weddings can actually save a lot of money compared to traditional ones. By going to an all-inclusive resort or getting group rates, you could cut costs by 30-50%. This is when you compare it to a wedding held at home.

What are the benefits of having a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a new and unforgettable experience. It lets the couple and their guests enjoy a wedding and honeymoon together. This is all in a gorgeous, faraway place. It often ends up feeling more personal and cozy.

Why is Mexico a top destination for affordable destination weddings?

Mexico is a top choice because it offers many affordable resorts. Places like Cancun and Tulum are well-known for this. Here, all-inclusive wedding packages can start at just 9. That means you can have a beautiful wedding without spending a lot.

What other affordable destination wedding options are available in the Caribbean and South America?

In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Costa Rica stand out. They have stunning beaches and resorts that won’t break the bank. These places let couples have a tropical wedding without the usual high costs.

What are some key strategies for planning an affordable destination wedding?

To keep costs low, consider an all-inclusive resort and choose off-peak times to travel. Also, try to get group rates for your guests. A weekday wedding could also be more budget-friendly.

What legal requirements and paperwork are involved in getting married abroad?

Getting married outside your home country means dealing with some legal stuff. This includes getting a marriage license and other important documents. You must also check the local marriage laws are met. Be ready for some paperwork.

How can couples budget for a destination wedding?

Planning a budget for a destination wedding means looking at many costs. You have to think about the venue, travel, accommodation, and wedding essentials like clothes and photos.

What types of wedding venues are available for a destination wedding?

There are lots of wedding venue choices. You could pick a beautiful beach, a lush garden, or a historic site such as a castle. Each type of venue has its own special charm.

How can couples incorporate cultural elements and traditions into their destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a great chance to include local traditions. This includes things like special outfits, food, and ceremonies. Doing this can make the wedding more authentic and memorable for everyone.

How can couples involve and engage their guests during a destination wedding?

To keep guests happy and involved, plan fun events like welcome parties and group activities. Giving out thoughtful favors can also make your guests feel special and included.

What are the etiquette guidelines for a destination wedding?

For a destination wedding, good manners are important. This means communicating clearly about travel and where to stay. Let guests know what to expect in terms of their role and any costs. And always be respectful of local customs.

How can couples combine their wedding and honeymoon when planning a destination wedding?

A big plus of a destination wedding is combining it with your honeymoon. By staying at the location after the wedding, you can enjoy the place more. It’s a chance to relax and explore together.