Benefits of Getting Married Abroad – Discover the Perks

13 Jun 2024·0 min read

Choosing a distant place to get married means you get memories that last forever. You’ll discover new traditions, and your wedding can turn into an amazing honeymoon. About 25 percent of people are now opting for weddings far from home. This trend shows how popular destination weddings have become. They offer several key benefits, like smaller groups, an intimate vibe, lower prices, and the feeling of something truly special.

When it comes to getting married abroad, the options are almost endless. There are great packages and offers to help plan the perfect wedding without breaking the bank.

Key Takeaways

  • Destination weddings offer a unique and unforgettable experience for couples and their guests.
  • Weddings abroad can provide significant cost savings compared to domestic celebrations.
  • Couples can immerse themselves in local cultural traditions and create a truly personalized wedding.
  • Destination weddings allow for a more intimate atmosphere with a smaller guest list.
  • Couples can combine their wedding and honeymoon for a seamless and memorable experience.

Unique Cultural Traditions

Married couples get a special chance to mix with local customs by marrying abroad. For example, Greeks pin money on brides while they dance for the first time. French brides take a symbolic long bath to let go of any old romances. These cultural wedding traditions make weddings stand out and give couples a chance to try embrace local customs.

Embracing Local Wedding Customs

Married abroad, couples dive completely into their wedding spot’s culture and customs. Think of India’s henna nights or China’s tea ceremonies. These unique wedding experiences help make the wedding day unforgettable and link it to the local area’s history.

Experiencing Different Rituals and Ceremonies

Destination weddings are not just for saying vows and swapping rings. They let couples take part in various cultural wedding traditions worldwide. For instance, in Portugal, they might jump over a broom. In Jewish weddings, breaking of glass is a key part. These different customs make the day stand out, showing the couple’s love while mixing in local ways.

Cost-Effective Weddings Abroad

Having a cost-effective weddings abroad can save you a lot of money. Compared to a UK wedding costing around £24,000, a destination wedding only costs about £6,500. This huge difference in cost makes getting married abroad a wallet-friendly choice. Also, airlines offer good deals on tickets.

Choosing to get married in another country can cut costs. More couples are saying ‘I do’ abroad to save money. This is because UK wedding prices are going up. So, a destination wedding is a smart, more affordable choice.

Wedding Type Average Cost
Traditional Wedding (UK) £24,000
Destination Wedding £6,500

A destination wedding with fewer guests can be very special. It makes the event more private and helps cut costs. Starting from as low as $5,000, you can have a beautiful wedding. This is in places like Cabo or Riviera Maya for under $10,000, for a group of 40-50.

Guests spending money to attend a destination wedding isn’t much different from a local wedding. It costs about $673 versus $703, making it a good value for everyone. Couples can even use travel cards and insurance to help pay for their destination wedding.

“Karisma Resorts offer ‘Cash For Your Bash’ wedding credits, rewarding couples for bringing guests to the resort and keeping costs down.”

A wedding in the expensive New York city can cost up to $71,000. This is why couples in pricey areas might prefer a cost-effective weddings abroad. It’s a more affordable option for many.

Exotic Wedding Venues

Destination weddings let couples marry in special, exotic spots. They can choose from beautiful beachfronts, stunning mountains, or historic castles. These places make the wedding day memorable and beautiful.

Beachfront Ceremonies

Picture this: Saying “I do” as the waves crash, and the sun warms your skin. Beach weddings in places like Greece are both breathtaking and romantic. They offer a perfect setting for couples wanting a unique celebration.

Mountain Retreats

Mountain-top weddings are for those who love beauty and serenity. The Canary Islands and Italy’s Amalfi Coast have amazing venues. They offer a stunning backdrop for the couple’s vows, making the day unforgettable.

Historic Sites and Castles

For a wedding full of old-world charm, historic sites and castles are perfect. Europe’s ancient palaces or the grand venues of the U.S. add a timeless romance to the celebration. They make the wedding feel like a fairy tale.

Combining Wedding and Honeymoon

Destination weddings join the wedding and honeymoon in one place. This saves time and money. Also, it lets the couple delve into their new life together. They get to explore the same spot as their honeymoon destination. This makes the experience unforgettable.

Seamless Transition to Romantic Getaway

Choosing one place for both the wedding and honeymoon is smart. The couple doesn’t have to move to a new spot after the wedding. They can start their honeymoon right away. In the same place, they married, they begin their new life. This makes everything more special and connected.

Exploring the Destination Together

Destination weddings are a chance for couples to make memories together. They explore the place before the wedding and continue after. Walking Europe’s streets, lounging on tropical beaches, or hiking in nature, they bond. This adventure makes their love stronger and their time unforgettable.

Combining wedding and honeymoon

Intimate Celebrations

Destination weddings often lead to intimate destination weddings, with smaller guest lists.
This allows couples to spend more quality time with guests.
Only close friends and family travel for these weddings. It makes the event more relaxed and personal.

The smaller size means couples connect more deeply with their guests. They avoid the busyness of big, traditional weddings.

Smaller Guest Lists

Destination weddings typically mean smaller guest lists.
They are about intimate celebrations with close loved ones.
The need to travel reduces the number of guests, making the occasion more special.

More Quality Time with Loved Ones

Because of the smaller guest lists, couples have more quality time with guests.
Intimate celebrations in destination weddings feel personal.

It allows the couple to deeply connect with their loved ones. There are less distractions than at bigger events.

Escape from Traditional Norms

Destination weddings let couples escape from usual wedding traditions. They offer a chance to celebrate in unique ways. By adding new cultural traditions and picking different settings, weddings abroad break the mold. They show off a couple’s style and values unlike local weddings.

Breaking Free from Conventions

Getting married abroad means celebrating your way. Couples can let go of typical wedding rules. They can blend in local traditions or pick an amazing location to stand out. This creates a celebration that’s truly special to them. It celebrates their love in a deeper, personal way.

Creating Unique Memories

Choosing a unique destination wedding experience means making unforgettable memories. Couples get to see and experience new things. They might join in local customs or say their vows in front of stunning views. These moments become treasured memories that last a lifetime.

Benefits of Getting Married Abroad

Choosing a destination wedding has many perks. But, it comes with legal steps too. Couples should talk to their state’s attorney-general about marrying abroad, including in religious ceremonies. They should find out what paperwork and checks they need from their destination.

Legal Requirements for International Marriages

Getting married overseas means knowing the legal rules ahead of time. This involves knowing what documents you need, like passports, and any health checks the country demands. A legal advisor can make the process easier and avoid troubles.

Obtaining Marriage Certificates

It’s important to get the right marriage papers when you wed abroad. Couples must look into the steps for their chosen spot to ensure a valid marriage. Getting help from local officials and wedding planners is a smart move for this.

Statistic Value
Brits opting for weddings abroad annually Around 71,000
Days of rain in July for Greece/Italy vs UK 1-2 vs 10
Average cost of a wedding in the UK £30,355
Average cost of a wedding abroad £14,200

Destination Wedding Planners

Planning a wedding from a distance is tough. Destination weddings come with many details to manage. This is where destination wedding planners make a big difference. They use their local know-how and connections to make sure things go smoothly.

Coordinating Logistics and Details

These professionals are experts at managing all aspects of a wedding. They take care of finding vendors and meeting legal needs. Knowing the local area well, they work closely with local businesses. This makes the planning easier and the wedding day stress-free.

Local Expertise and Connections

Wedding planners abroad focus on specific places. They really know the area’s customs, traditions, and rules. This knowledge is vital. It helps couples deal with legal stuff, paperwork, and talking to local vendors. It stops problems with local customs too.

Also, destination wedding planners help create unique wedding days. Instead of ready-made weddings, couples can have something special to them. Working with these experts saves time and stress, making sure the wedding is how the couple wants it.

destination wedding planners

Couples get great advice on places and suppliers from wedding planners’ local knowledge. It’s important to choose the right wedding planner abroad. Ask for feedback from past clients, understand what you’re paying for, and check if it fits your budget. This makes for a smooth and budget-friendly wedding experience.

Marriage Tourism Industry

The marriage tourism industry is on the rise, offering many places for couples to wed far from home. You can choose from the beauty of Europe to the warmth of the Caribbean. These are just a few of the popular destinations for weddings abroad. They make a unique and charming spot to say “I do”.

Popular Destinations for Weddings Abroad

Some top picks for weddings abroad are Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. You can also consider Malta, Jamaica, or St. Lucia. Similar options include Mauritius, the Dominican Republic, and Aruba. These places let couples dive into local customs. It’s a chance to make their wedding unforgettable.

Packages and Deals for Couples

There’s a broad range of destination wedding packages and deals to choose from. Many spots even offer all-inclusive packages. This makes planning simpler and more affordable for couples. They can then spend more time enjoying their big day. They won’t have to stress over planning every detail.

Stunning Photography Opportunities

Destination weddings offer a chance for beautiful and unique wedding photography. The settings range from beaches to historic castles. These make for incredible photos, being memories of the big day. By choosing a destination wedding photography expert, couples ensure their day is perfectly captured. They can capture the beauty and emotion in a faraway setting.

Choosing a destination wedding means working with a photographer who knows the area well. This leads to more creative photos. The photographer can find new angles, hidden places, and unique views. You might not see these if they weren’t so familiar with the location.

Having an engagement shoot before the wedding helps a lot too. It makes the couple more at ease in front of the camera later. So, the photos from the wedding day show real, natural moments. It’s all about feeling like you are among friends.

Benefit Impact
Picturesque Backdrops Stunning, memorable wedding photos
Local Photographer Expertise Unique, creative images capturing the destination
Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot Increased comfort and natural interactions on the wedding day

Taking advantage of photography in a destination wedding lets couples tell a story. Their party becomes something to remember, with images people will treasure for a long time.

Adventure and New Experiences

Destination weddings are a chance for couples to start a new journey. They get to know a different culture deeply. By marrying in a distant place, they learn about local traditions and life. This makes lasting memories that are more than the wedding.

This journey brings exploration and discovery to their big day. It adds more excitement and meaning to their celebration.

Exploring Different Cultures

Getting married far from home lets couples really dive into the local culture. They take part in special traditions and enjoy unique foods. This makes their connection stronger and deepens their love.

Such an experience adds a lot to their wedding memories. They remember these moments forever.

Creating Lasting Memories

A destination wedding is full of adventure and new experiences. It helps the couple make lasting memories together. Moments of discovery, fun surprises, and working together on challenges solidify their bond.

These unforgettable memories stay with the couple for life. They keep inspiring and strengthening their relationship, long after the wedding.

Relaxed and Stress-Free Environment

Destination weddings offer a unique chance for couples. They can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free environment. This lets them dive fully into the festivities and focus on each other. By changing their scenery, the couple can leave their daily worries behind. They get to enjoy the moment without stress. This leads to a wedding that’s not just special but also more intimate, with all focus on love and guests.

Escaping Daily Routines

Tying the knot in a distant place lets couples break from their daily grind. This is a refreshing change. It means they get to fully enjoy their wedding, leaving behind their usual worries. It’s a great way to focus solely on their big day.

Focusing on Each Other

Destination weddings create a relaxed and stress-free environment. This means couples can truly focus on each other. They get to avoid the stress of numerous wedding plans. As a result, their wedding is more about them and their love. It becomes a deeply memorable experience for the newlyweds.

Legal Considerations

Destination weddings are great, but they come with legal hoops to jump through. It’s important to look into the marriage rules of the place you choose. This is because they can be very different from what you’re used to at home.

Marriage Requirements in Different Countries

Each country has its own rules for weddings. In France, for instance, one half of the couple must have lived there for 40 days before the wedding. You’ll often need to show birth certificates and other documents too.

Prenuptial agreements are getting more common for international couples. If this is something you’re thinking about, it’s smart to talk to a lawyer in the UK six months before the big day.

Validity of International Marriages

It’s vital that your marriage is legally recognized where you live. The rules for ending a marriage usually depend on where you live, not where you got married. So, your home country’s laws will apply if things don’t work out.

It can be tricky to deal with the legal side of getting married abroad. But, making sure you follow all the rules is key to a smooth wedding experience.


Getting married abroad is full of benefits. It offers new cultural traditions and cost-effective ways to celebrate. It also lets couples mix their wedding and honeymoon together.

Destination weddings break from tradition, letting couples create lasting memories. They do this in a calm, stress-free setting. Legal hurdles can be complex, but the marriage tourism industry is growing. This makes it easier for couples to plan their dream wedding abroad. Couples can choose to adopt local customs, find unique venues, or smoothly move into their romantic time away. This creates a unique wedding experience that they will always remember.

The trend of destination weddings is on the rise. This means more chances for couples to tie the knot in exotic locations. By learning about the legal rules and working with skilled destination wedding planners, couples can set off on a memorable journey. This journey will not only lead to a beautiful celebration but also years of precious memories.


What are the benefits of getting married abroad?

Getting married abroad makes the wedding unforgettable. It lets you experience unique cultures and traditions. It also saves you money and turns the wedding into a honeymoon too.

How popular are destination weddings?

Destination weddings are becoming very popular. Around 25 percent of couples opt for a wedding away from home.

What are some unique cultural traditions associated with destination weddings?

Destination weddings let you dive into local customs. For example, in Greece they attach money to the bride. In France, the tradition is for the bride to take a long bath on her wedding day.

How can getting married abroad be more cost-effective?

British weddings cost an average of £24,000. In contrast, foreign weddings average £6,500. This makes a wedding abroad a more budget-friendly choice.

What are some of the exotic wedding venue options for destination weddings?

Destination weddings offer breathtaking locations. Think beachfronts, high in the mountains, or at historic sites like castles.

How can a destination wedding transition into the honeymoon?

By picking a wedding destination that’s also your honeymoon spot, you save time and money. This allows you to start your married life with a unique travel experience.

What are the benefits of having a more intimate destination wedding?

A smaller destination wedding means more time with loved ones. It creates a personal, stress-free atmosphere for everyone.

How can a destination wedding allow couples to escape traditional norms?

Destination weddings are a unique, personal way to celebrate. They break away from the usual local wedding norms, welcoming different customs and traditions.