Can Foreigners Get Married in Luxembourg? A Full Guide

16 Jun 2024·10 min read

Luxembourg, according to Eurostat, has a marriage rate of 3.2 for every 1,000 people. This is less than the European average of 3.9. The country allows marriages between partners of different or the same sex. Same-sex marriage has been legal since July 4, 2014. This law grants equal rights and duties to all couples, no matter their sexual orientation.

To wed in Luxembourg, both partners must be 18 or older. At least one must be a resident of the Grand Duchy. If a partner is a minor, they can only marry with the judge’s approval. For those living in Luxembourg, start planning your wedding at least two months ahead. Those from outside should plan at least three months in advance.

Weddings usually happen in the commune of the local spouse. This is true if that person is resident in that area. Since 2022, marrying in other places besides the town hall is allowed. The towns decide which spots are suitable for this.

In Luxembourg, marriages follow the community regime with acquests. But, couples can choose other property arrangements by making contracts with a notary before marrying. If you got married outside Luxembourg, you can still have your marriage recognized here. This offers benefits like tax breaks, social security, and parentage rights.

Key Takeaways

  • Luxembourg has a marriage rate of 3.2 per 1,000 inhabitants, lower than the European average of 3.9.
  • Same-sex marriage has been legal in Luxembourg since 2014, with equal rights and duties for all couples.
  • To marry in Luxembourg, at least one spouse must be a legal resident, and both must be at least 18 years old.
  • Marriage ceremonies can now take place in authorized venues beyond just the town hall.
  • Couples married abroad can have their marriages recognized in Luxembourg, offering various benefits.


Luxembourg has modern and fair laws for marriage. Here, same-sex marriage became legal in 2014. The rights and duties for all couples, whether straight or gay, are the same. This shows the country values equality for everyone.

Overview of Marriage Laws in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, both partners must be 18 to marry. At least one must live there officially. Sometimes, a judge can allow a younger person to marry. The country’s laws outline all steps for couples wanting to marry here.

Eligibility for Foreigners to Get Married in Luxembourg

Foreigners can marry in Luxembourg if one is a resident. Can foreigners get married in Luxembourg? Yes, if they meet the marriage laws’ requirements, including for non-citizens.

Getting Married in Luxembourg

To marry in Luxembourg, one person must either live there legally or be from Luxembourg. The process involves two main steps. First, there’s setting up a marriage file. Then, the wedding can take place.

Legal Requirements for Marriage in Luxembourg

The first step is creating a marriage file. For this, you need to bring certain documents to the registrar. These include your passport or ID, birth certificate, and a statement saying you’re not closely related. Different countries might have extra needs. For example, Germans may need a special certificate.

Marriage Paperwork and Documents Needed

For a civil wedding, all documents must be handed in at least a month before. Also, there must be a notice of your marriage 10 days prior.

Marriage Procedures for Different Nationalities

If you work in Luxembourg, you might get special time off for your wedding. This includes 6 days for civil servants and 3 days for private sector workers. Again, rules can differ by nationality.

Civil Partnership (PACS) in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, a civil partnership, or PACS, is recognized by law. It allows two people to commit to living together without marriage. At the council office, these partners declare their union before the registrar. This partnership offers benefits like joint tax filings and shared social protection. It’s a way for couples to show their commitment legally.

What is a Civil Partnership (PACS)?

A civil partnership in Luxembourg is called a PACS. It’s a legal way for couples to live together without a wedding. This is available to all legal residents, not considering their nationality.

Requirements for Entering a Civil Partnership

To start a civil partnership in Luxembourg, you must be free to do so. This means not being already married or in another civil partnership. You also can’t be closely related by blood. Only one person needs to be a legal resident for marriage.

For both civil partnerships and marriages, you and your partner must be legal residents at the same address.

Marriage and Immigration

Marriage is key for some to live in Luxembourg if they lack residency. It allows for family reunification, which varies based on the spouse’s status. That status (EU citizen or otherwise) affects the process.

Family Reunification for Third-Country Nationals with an EU Citizen

If the spouse is an EU citizen, they can reside together in Luxembourg. Family reunification in this situation is straightforward.

Family Reunification for Third-Country Nationals with Another Third-Country National

Things are a bit more complex for others, requiring a residence permit. The process involves submitting documents and meeting specific criteria. Luxembourg authorities oversee these steps.

Gaining a solid grasp of Luxembourg’s legal requirements is vital. For those marrying an EU citizen or another third-country national, family reunification is crucial. It’s a key step in securing the right to live in the Grand Duchy.

Marriage Venues and Ceremonies

In Luxembourg, a marriage must take place in the commune where one of the marrying people lives. This rule applies to those who are residents. A change in 2022 allows the ceremony to happen outside the town hall or “Gemeng.” This new location must be solemn, public, non-religious, and within the same commune. The civil marriage ceremony follows the necessary paperwork and the announcement, also known as the banns, in the residences’ communes.

Authorized Marriage Venues in Luxembourg

Those ready to wed in Luxembourg can select from various authorized marriage venues. This includes international weddings and weddings for expats. Besides the usual town hall or “Gemeng,” venues like public spaces also are options. They must be in the same commune as the couple’s legal residence.

Civil Marriage Ceremony Details

In Luxembourg, the civil marriage ceremony is a significant step. It’s a formal, public ceremony. Before it, banns are published in both soon-to-be-weds’ communes. This lets everyone know about the wedding and makes sure the legal steps are in order. An official, the civil registrar, leads the ceremony after all paperwork is done.

authorized marriage venues in luxembourg

can foreigners get married in luxembourg

To tie the knot in Luxembourg, one partner must reside in the country or be a citizen. This rules ensures a strong link to Luxembourg.

Eligibility Criteria for Foreigners to Marry in Luxembourg

Both spouses need to be 18 or older to get married in Luxembourg. At least one should live in the country. This allows foreigners to wed there if they qualify.

Procedures for Non-Residents to Marry in Luxembourg

Non-residents should start planning their wedding at least three months earlier. This is more time than Luxembourg residents need. The ceremony must take place in the commune where one of the soon-to-be spouses lives.

Both partners must get their marriage documents ready and show several items, like passports and birth certificates, to the registrar.

RequirementLuxembourg ResidentsNon-Residents
Minimum Preparation Time2 months3 months
Marriage VenueCommune of residenceCommune of residence of one of the spouses
Required DocumentsValid passports/identity cards, birth certificatesValid passports/identity cards, birth certificates

Recognition of Foreign Marriages in Luxembourg

If a couple ties the knot overseas, Luxembourg may recognize their union. All marriages legally done elsewhere are usually honored here. This is good news for various issues, like taxes, social security, or when proving parentage.

Requirements for Recognizing a Foreign Marriage

For a marriage from abroad to be accepted, the couple should visit their local Commune. They’ll need to bring essentials, such as a valid passport and their marriage certificate. Officials in Luxembourg will check where they live as they process the documents. The marriage certificate must meet the issuing country’s standards for the Luxembourg officials to recognize it.

Advantages of Having a Foreign Marriage Recognized

Couples who wed outside Luxembourg have good reasons to seek recognition here. It helps with tax benefits, social security, and confirming children’s parentage. Recognizing the foreign marriage can be a big plus for those settling in Luxembourg.

Also, Luxembourg recognizes marriages between its own and foreigners when carried out properly elsewhere. Same-sex marriages before January 1, 2015, will be acknowledged under certain conditions. These conditions involve following specific formalities, laws, treaties, and the laws of Luxembourg.

However, some situations lead to marriage recognition rejection in Luxembourg. This includes if a spouse was already married, is a first-line relative, is underage without special permission, or wasn’t able to agree due to mental issues. Also, marriages that go against Luxembourg’s core values may not be recognized.

Matrimonial Property Regimes

In Luxembourg, married couples can pick a marriage property plan. They do this through a contract, made with a notary. If no contract is made, the legal community matrimonial regime is what happens. This means everything earned or bought during marriage is shared by both.

Couples can also choose the universal community property regime. In this, everything the couple owns is shared. Alternatively, they might pick the separation of property regime. This means each keeps control over their own things.

Matrimonial Property RegimeDescription
Legal Community Matrimonial RegimeAssets acquired after marriage fall into the community, belonging to both spouses.
Universal Community Property RegimeAll the couple’s assets belong to the community.
Separation of Property RegimeEach spouse retains the administration, enjoyment, and free disposal of their personal property.

After two years of marriage in Luxembourg, couples can change their property plans. This is done with a notary. It lets married people update their financial sharing as needed.

Name Changes and Tax Implications

In Luxembourg, there’s a unique rule about names after marriage. The law doesn’t allow combining surnames. So, the name in the civil register is the only official one. Yet, a wife can adopt her husband’s name and keep hers. This makes name changes after marriage in luxembourg possible while keeping her identity on record.

Married couples get special tax benefits in luxembourg. They fit into tax class 2 together. By doing so, they enjoy joint taxation, leading to possible tax savings. This includes the use of various tax implications of marriage in luxembourg, like deductions.

Tax BenefitDescription
Collective TaxationMarried couples in Luxembourg are taxed jointly, potentially resulting in lower overall tax liability.
Tax DeductionsMarried couples can claim certain tax deductions, such as those related to dependents or mortgage interest, that are not available to single taxpayers.
Tax Class 2Married taxpayers in Luxembourg are classified under tax class 2, which offers more favorable tax rates compared to single filers.

These tax benefits for married couples in luxembourg mean good news for those living in this country. They can lead to savings for married residents of the Grand Duchy.

name changes after marriage in luxembourg

Religious and Cultural Considerations

In Luxembourg, a civil marriage is needed before a religious one. However, both types of weddings can be celebrated there. This is great for international or expat couples who want to blend cultural traditions into their big day.

Requirements for Religious Marriages

If you want a religious wedding in Luxembourg, contact your chosen place of worship. Remember, the civil marriage comes first. It’s the binding legal ceremony here. Then, you’re free to have your religious ceremony as your faith dictates.

Cultural Traditions and Ceremonies

With its varied population, Luxembourg is open to cultural wedding traditions. This is perfect for couples from around the world. They can bring their own customs and heritage into their wedding. From unique rituals to traditional clothing, Luxembourg celebrates the diversity in wedding ceremonies.

Marriage of Convenience

In Luxembourg, some people enter a marriage or partnership just for legal advantages, like easier migration or citizenship. The legal system in Luxembourg is not strong at stopping these convenience marriages.

Legal Definition of a Marriage of Convenience

Marriage officials must allow a wedding if the papers seem real. Prosecutors can act only if they find out the papers were fake. A marriage of convenience in Luxembourg is one that’s all about gaining legal benefits, not about real love.

Consequences of a Marriage of Convenience

NGOs and groups say these types of marriages aren’t common in Luxembourg. If officials do find out a marriage is for legal benefits only, they can end it. This could lead to being sent back to one’s home country, with no chance to come back. Deportation underscores the harsh outcomes of these sham marriages in Luxembourg.

Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Partnership

In Luxembourg, a marriage can end if a couple divorces or if one spouse dies. The way the marriage assets are split depends on the marriage contract. With a contract that keeps assets separate, there is no shared money or property to divide.

Divorce Procedures in Luxembourg

Divorce in Luxembourg comes in three forms: fault-based, due to an unfixable breakdown, or by mutual agreement. The details of the divorce process change based on which type you pursue.

Termination of a Civil Partnership

Unlike marriage, ending a civil partnership requires a declaration, much like the one that started it. How the partnership’s assets are divided follows the partners’ agreement or contract.


Luxembourg makes it easy for foreigners to get married in the country. At least one person must be a legal resident. The process includes setting up a marriage file and showing ID. You also have to prove you’re not married already. Even though same-sex marriage is legal, the country might find it hard to deal with fake marriages.

Luxembourg welcomes international couples who want to marry. The marriage laws cater to both foreign couples in Luxembourg and the needs of its residents. It’s a good place for anyone, no matter where you’re from.

The country values equality and diverse families. This makes Luxembourg a great choice for anyone wanting to start a life together. They offer a friendly and fair legal system for all couples.


Can foreigners get married in Luxembourg?

Yes, foreigners can marry in Luxembourg if at least one person is a resident or a citizen.

What are the legal requirements for marriage in Luxembourg?

To wed in Luxembourg, you both must be 18 or older. One of you must live in the country. If someone is younger, they need the judge’s permission to marry.

What documents are needed to get married in Luxembourg?

You need several documents to start a marriage file. This includes passports or IDs, birth certificates, and a sworn statement saying you’re not related. Requirements can differ based on your nationality.

How long does the marriage process take for non-residents in Luxembourg?

Non-residents should plan on a three-month preparation. For residents, it takes about two months.

What is a civil partnership (PACS) in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, a PACS is a legal way of living together, recognized by the council office. You announce your partnership in front of a registrar.

How can a foreign marriage be recognized in Luxembourg?

To recognize a foreign marriage, visit your local Commune. Bring your marriage certificate and passport.

What are the matrimonial property regimes in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, married couples can pick a property regime. They might choose a shared community or keep their assets separate.

Can spouses change their surnames in Luxembourg after marriage?

In Luxembourg, surname changes are limited after marriage. Wives can use the husband’s name but plan to keep their maiden name.

Can a religious marriage be celebrated in Luxembourg?

Yes, religious and civil weddings are both allowed. Couples can include their cultural customs in the celebration.

What is a marriage of convenience in Luxembourg?

A marriage of convenience in Luxembourg aims to gain legal benefits. This is usually for migration or citizenship. The law lacks clear ways to handle these cases.